The Sun Had its Hat On

Well, after a week of glorious weather, the weekend comes and the weather has turned colder and even snow in some places! How predictable is that?

Still, at least on Friday I was able to take advantage of the sun. I cycled for around 2 hours before work, taking the scenic route into work and clocking up just over 26 miles. After a swift exit from work, I rode across central London to Hyde Park where I was able to ride 4 laps around the park ( 3 full laps and one shorter lap) totalling 11 miles through the park.

I don’t know if you are aware of Hyde Park, but it is a beautiful oasis in the centre of London, covering 350 acres of land. In the centre of Hyde Park is the Serpentine which is a lake with boats available to hire. a sola powered ferry and even a swimming club. The park website says boats are  available for hire from Easter to 31st October, but they were already out on the lake on Friday. Perhaps Easter comes early in London?

The history of Hyde Park makes interesting reading, but its not for its history or even the Diana Memorial Fountain that I like it. I go because 3/4 of the 3 miles perimeter roads are virtually traffic free. A real oasis of calm in the middle of a bustling London, even at rush hour. The park is very popular with tourists and locals who like to sunbathe there. The sight of pretty young females sunbathing is of course of no interest to me as I cycle round the park.

Actually, it seems that the majority of users of the park seem to be of Arab or Middle Eastern descent. Quite why this is I do not know. It does create the odd image of some females in bikinis/ summer dresses whilst others are wearing the burka or more.

Can you blame people for flocking to parks for their pleasure. There are few better places to relax and have fun than in parks and or by the water, and when both are combined together- all the better.

This year as an added attraction, there are Boris bikes available to hire all round the park. This creates so many dangers to park users. Those hiring the bikes in the park seem unable to;

a) ride the bike in a straight line,

b) stick to the cycle paths (fixed penalty notices will be issued soon for this)

c) comprehend that we ride/ drive on the left side of the road

d) comprehend that others are around them and that sudden changes of direction without signalling or observation is likely to result in accidents

I do fear that before long there will be serious injury or even death caused to or by the actions of a tourist on one of these Boris bikes.

As a result of my cycling round Hyde Park, I managed a total of over 34 miles on the way home. This meant I had cycled over 60 miles in the day, which is not bad considering I also had to do a day’s work as well.

Riding home some 34 miles through several London boroughs and 2 cities, I passed numerous petrol stations and not one of them had any petrol for sale. This panic buying has got out of hand. As I have said before, there cannot be a strike for at least another 10 days by the tanker drivers, so why are people panic buying? Then we have stories like the stupid woman who suffered serious burns whilst trying to decant petrol in her home from a jerry can into a glass jug over a lit gas cooker! She’s a cert for a Darwin Award. Why decant petrol into a glass jug and why have this done inside a house and why over a gas cooker.

In the media coverage of this story was the following

The victim’s aunt  said: ‘This whole situation has been handled really badly by the Government and this tragic event could have been avoided. We are all absolutely devastated

Forgive me, but was it someone in the government who tried to decant the fuel over a lit cooker? Or did the government tell people to decant fuel into a glass jar over a lit gas cooker? Perhaps, just perhaps the victim was being rather stupid and she and she alone was the author of her own misfortune by:

a) being greedy and hording fuel

b) being stupid in trying to decant fuel from a jerry can (designed to hold fuel) into a glass jug ( erm would you believe it this is not designed for holding fuel?)

c) being exceptionally stupid to do this inside a house over or near a naked flame (gas cooker)

Am I alone in not having much sympathy for this stupid woman.

There is an offence of careless driving which is also known as driving without due consideration for other road users. I was wondering today if perhaps charging a few of the fuel hoarders with this offence would send out a message. I’m thinking of the people who fill numerous jerry cans or other containers which are often unsuitable for holding fuel. Draconian action perhaps, but it would make people think twice about their selfish actions.

For my part, I had a car with virtually no fuel in it this week. I am due to drive up to Newcastle this week to see Michelle and bring her, Josh and the dogs back to London for a week. Fortunately today I discovered that my local supermarket had no petrol, but it did have diesel so I have filled the car up. Every little helps eh?

Today brought another 20 miles on the bike. I cycled to and from Redbridge Cycle Centre for the LVYCC club session and rode with some of the riders on the road circuit in my role as child welfare officer. It is good to see so many children riding bikes and having fun. Especially pleasing was to see a girls group being coached by Alice. This is something that only happens infrequently and the girls all appeared to enjoy it.

The rest of the day I’ve had to spend trying to tidy up the house in preparation for Michelle’s forthcoming inspection of the house. Apparently I’ve got to dust and polish- whatever these things are? Any clues. Apparently tidying the house doesn’t just mean emptying the bins and throwing last month’s newspapers out?

Tomorrow, I will be tidying up more of the house and trying to make it look fit for Michelle to stay in. I should make it clear that I need to up my game and keep on top of housework in future.

What I really need is a housekeeper. Approximately 5 years ago I turned down the offer from someone to be my housekeeper. I thought they were joking. I wish I had believed the. That would have solved all my problems.

Regrets, I’ve had a few……..That was probably one of the worst misjudgements I’ve made

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