How to Waste Time

Well this week I’ve been reminded of several lessons that I already knew.

Firstly in order to avoid doing any work or if you don’t know what to do – hold a meeting. I sat through a meeting recently at work where everyone was earnestly discussing what we were going to do in a forthcoming piece of work. I could have sworn we had the same discussion the week before and the week before that. What has happened in the last 2 weeks? Nothing. We have been waiting information and are still waiting it. So nothing has changed and we are having the same discussions each meeting! What is worse, we are making plans as to how we are going to deal with a situation, despite not knowing what that situation will be.

Second learning point is that some people like to hear their own voices. The meeting was dominated by one person who had an opinion on everything, even things they had no experience of. You know the sort of person. They want to talk over everyone and want everyone to agree with them. Just when you think things are moving on, they take the subject back to what was agreed and want to change it. Would it be wrong of me to say that such people need putting in their place. Sadly, those taking meetings are often too weak or want to avoid confronting the loudmouth, so they get away with it.

So what did this meeting actually achieve? Well it wasted an hour or so of my life that I will never get back. Did it take us any further forward? Of course it didn’t, all we did was agree what we had previously agreed. Even this is speculative until we know the information we are to receive. It is only at that point that we can start to properly plan.

Today, one of those present at the meeting has sent emails to all those in the meeting trying to get one of the decisions revisited. Ironically the decision made was what they had proposed in any event! Now they are wanting to undo what was agreed at their recommendation. What is the point?

What else have I learned this week?

Well the p*nct*re fairy is a vicious and vindictive b&tch. She has been paying me repeated visits. I’m not sure what I have done to upset her, but she has struck more than one bike and both wheels at different times. Clearly I have to do something to placate her. Sacrifice a virgin perhaps? Then again this is Essex. where am I going to find a virgin around here? Think white stilettos, think dancing round your handbag.


Think I’m being unfair to Essex girls? You haven’t been out in Romford on a Saturday night then.

Anyway, I have taken steps to resolve these visits from HER. I ordered 4 new bike tyres online recently. Amazingly, the four tyres cost a total of over £115. When I first passed my driving test, I could buy 4 new tyres for the car for less than this! That’s inflation for you (no pun intended) or its so long ago since I passed my driving test.

The tyres were purchased from an online retailer. This brought me to the next reminder of life’s lessons. The tyres were delivered on Monday by courier. Obviously, I was out at work so my neighbour took delivery for me and handed them over to me when I got home. Good neighbours are a god send and I have to say that I am blessed in having good neighbours. I’m not sure they can say the same though!

Another lesson is that the British weather is unpredictable- last week it was 24C in Aberdeen this week, it is snowing and 3C. The temperature in London has dropped, but not that drastically. We complain about the weather in the UK, almost as a national past time. however, we get no real extremes of weather despite what the media would have you believe. For example, Texas has this week been suffering huge tornados. Eastern USA gets snowfall of as many feet as we get inches of snow. A hot day here is 25F. In the parts USA, or the Middle East, Australia etc, they often regard 25C as a cold day!

Looking ahead, Michelle & Josh are coming down to London this week and staying down for a week. They will be accompanied by the dogs. I have to say that I am really looking forward to having them to stay. I have got a week off work as well. It will be nice to spend some quality time with them both. We have nothing definite planned yet, but are thinking of visiting one or two of the usual tourist attractions, Tower of London, V&A Museum and even Petticoat Lane Market. We will have to be up early on a Sunday to get there though

A quick word of congratulations to both West Auckland Town FC and Dunston UTS FC both from the Northern League. They have battled through to the final of the FA Vase at Wembley. I believe it is the first time 2 teams from the same league have reached the final of this competition. Hopefully there will be a fitting final at Wembley. Sadly I will be in the USA and unable to go to the final.

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