The Sights of London Town

More of the sights around London.

Lets start with my local cafe which has the following board outside


Jacket potatoes with “one toppings”? I always thought it was one topping

Then you may choose Sweet Corne as the topping

Over in Greenwich. there is an interesting Indian food stall.


Anus Indian? Is this a comment on the food or the part of the body it has a huge effect upon?

The Jamaican’s have interesting ideas.


I’m wondering if this is something similar to choking the chicken? If so, should they be advertising it in a public place.

Now one of the issues in getting about London is parking. I’m pleased to say that over in Greenwich they have come up with an interesting solution. In fact I’d say it was a unique solution.


So, you know where you can park your dog. Sadly there is little available car parking in Greenwich.

One issue that causes controversy everywhere it seems are family pets and in particular dogs. There have been numerous complaints about dogs in the Redbridge area. As a result, the council have launched a “Mutt Month” which aims to tackle some of the issues regarding control of dogs etc. Posters are advertising it across the borough.


You will notice from the poster that the “Mutt Month is on Monday 30th April 20012 between 10-am and 12 noon. I always understood a month to be somewhere between 28 and 31 days long, but clearly I was wrong. Now what was that childhood rhyme

30 days hath september etc

but Mutt month alone which is 2 hours long

No look around London is complete without a visit to Dagenham Market. Once again, a recent visit with Michelle didn’t fail to disappoint:


The organisers’ of the market kindly installed bus stop toilets. I’m not sure what is special about these compared to other toilets.


Who is Julie? and what is she fast at? Answers on a postcard please


Non dog owners can foul anywhere, but for some reason the owners of dogs have to poop and scoop


Now, I know that in deprived areas like Dagenham that drugs are said to be commonly available. I was surprised to see that lines were available at the food outlets for either £1 or £2. No under the counter drug dealings here.


I wonder if George Osborne is aware of this stall. Perhaps he could take the economy here and seek to get our money back – mind you as its only a 1 year guarantee, its probably only useable against the most recent budget.


Now, I wonder if you are size 32 do you actually have any curves to love or are they just a shaeless mass of flab?

Finally, no visit to Dagenham is complete without seeing the locals.


Note the skin tight leggings, with holes ripped in them and the great muffin top on show. Essex girls never fail to live up to their reputation!

2 thoughts on “The Sights of London Town

  1. One or two of the pics are amusing, but when you are being so critical of grammar, punctuation and spelling, one would have thought that your musings would be perfect.

    People in glass houses etc….

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