Its a Funny Old Game

Just a few weeks ago, Manchester United were 8 points clear in the Premiership and the Man City manager had stated his side had no chance of winning the title. Tonight Manchester City are top of the Premiership with only 2 games left. 


Strange how a season can turn around in only a few games?


Well, tonight Spennymoor Town won the Northern League for the 3rd season in succession. They have I believe won their last 8 league games to deny West Auckland and Dunston who as recently as last week (in the case of West Auckland and a couple of weeks ago in the case of Dunston) were far better placed to win the league. West Auckland lost their last game of the season on Saturday meaning if Spennymoor won their last game they would win the league. They duly won 1-0 tonight to take the league. Congratulations are richly deserved, especially as many fans had written them off recently.


A season turned around in 2 games?


On Saturday, Orient played away at Hartlepool and at half time, if results stayed the same, Orient would be guaranteed to avoid relegation. However, in the 69-73rd minutes, the 2 sides who could catch Orient both scored and Orient conceded meaning that Orient were facing the prospect of relegation on the last day of the season next Saturday.  A season turned round in 4 minutes? In the last few minutes of the games, the 2 sides who could catch Orient conceeded, one of them twice, meaning that after all, despite losing Orient were guaranteed surviving in the division another year.


A season turned round in minutes.


The Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager in English football having won     trpohies since he joined Manchester United in 1986. His successes at Manchester United are as follows


Manchester United[106]


This is by any stretch of the imagination a truly remarkable record. In 989-1990 season, before Manchester United had won anything, it was widely believed that a defeat to Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup 3rd round would have resulted in his sacking [ This is denied by Manchester United now]. Manchester United won 1-0 thanks to a Mark Robins goal. The rest as they say is history. Not just a season turned round by one game, but 1/4 of a century of success turning on a single game.


As Jimmy Greaves used to say, its a funny old game


PS I’d still not bet against Manchester United winning the Premiership this season

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