Blackpool: Going up? Falling Down

Well after the debacle that was allegedly the Happy Mondays Gig in the Toon last night, today is Backpool!

The Happy Mondays were p*ss poor (& that is unfair on p*ss). No rapport with the crowd, Bez vanished from the stage & no real musical ability. Personally I blame the difference between the early 90’s and now on the drugs! The lack of them for me & too many for them!

Still it was great to see Stu & Kev friends who have known Michelle as long as me!

Today brought a trip to Blackpool with Prudhoe U13 football team for an end of season tournament. The day started off … well erm slowly… …Michelle got up & sent Josh off to school & then came back to bed & we eventually surfaced after another 4 hours recovery time. If Josh didn’t have to be picked up from school @ lunchtime, I’m not sure we would have surfaced @ all. That Michelle is bad for my liver!

We eventually arrived in Blackpool via Hexham, Alston, Forton Services (a favourite haunt of mine! – see posts passim). Checked into the hotel, feeding time then after a walk onto the South Pier it was time for the bar to be hit. A few bottles of Pear Cider were followed by the bottle of vodka smuggled in from the off licence & lots of diet coke – tight? You bet! 😀

So Blackpool Going Up? Well tonight Blackpool were playing @ home to Birmingham City in the 1st leg of the Championship Play Off. The ground is only a couple of hundred yards from the hotel we are in. Sadly no tickets were left so we couldn’t go to the game. The good news is Blackpool won 1-0. The amazing thing was that despite being so close to the ground, there was no sign of the game & few fans on the streets on the sea front.

Blackpool Falling Down? Well the seafront is looking great now the council have spent money doing it up. It really looks good now. Sadly, apart from the bars & clubs, the rest of the town centre is looking decidedly derelict with empty shops or charity shops everywhere. The local populace give chavs a bad name. It looks a sad state & action is needed. What is the solution? I don’t know but hopefully someone @ the local council does!

Still, it will be good for the town if Blackpool get promotion again. Not sure my liver would like it after last time

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