My Fastest Ever Blog -Flying High

Well, the months of planning are over & today is the start of my Police Unity Tour trip.

The last 24 hours have been rather stressful to say the least.

Firstly & most stressful was having to leave Michelle in Blackpool @ the football tournament & head back to our London pad alone. I keep telling Michelle it would make a great home for the dogs to live (and wouldn’t be bad for her & Josh either). Sadly common sense prevails!

So, I head back south planning to get to Lymm Services where there is a McDonalds so I can use their wifi to check in for my flight. It was all arranged that I would be online @ the same time as my colleague Paul so we could find seats together. Sadly Virgin refused to allow me to check in online but did allow Paul – go figure!

I spoke to Virgin’s online help who told me I had been randomly selected for security checks & that I would have to check in @ the airport on the day! Given I had sat @ Lymm Services waiting over an hour, to say I was not jumping for joy is an understatement.

So having wasted all that time, I set off south. When I stopped @ Rothersthorpe services for a “splash & dash” (well its better than going to Milton Keynes on a Sunday) I saw an email from Virgin inviting me to check in online. Great – they must have checked this & are now allowing me to check in online. So, I tried again & get the message telling me I have to check in @ the airport. Grrrrrrrr. Why send me the email & then not allow me to check in online? Its that Branson chap’s revenge for my hostile posts re Virgin Media (see posts past)

So, home & start to pack. Get so far & decide I’d far rather chat to Michelle. So its time to leave the packing & do something far more useful & far more fun.

So, today, I was up early, finished my methodical packing of all three bags (bike bag, hold bag & hand luggage (I know you thought I was going to say hand bag!). Out the house ahead of schedule, visit Tescos for some duracel batteries (no, not for a rabbit) & fuel for the car & then its off to Heathrow.

First issue of the day is that the A12 is shut owing to a serious crash in Ilford, so a quick diversion & on towards the North Circular.

A last minute call to t-mobile to ensure my phone is set up for internet, email & blackberry messenger use whilst in the USA! Those interminable menus are frustrating- press 1 if you want to scream & throw the handset out of the window etc. Press 2 to get your hopes up & then realise you’re getting another recorded list of options etc)

A quick call (using the hands free headset) to Michelle. Great timing – she’s just out of the shower & wants moisturiser rubbing in – apparently that is not what hands free was invented for! I can’t think of a better thing to do with free hands!

Next a call to mummy & daddy. Just checking in to make sure I’ve not been cut out of the will yet!

Now, I’ll just call Michelle back, but the bluetooth is stopping me hearing her. Frustrated after 20 attempts, so I pop into Tescos near Heathrow to use their toilets (sorry – its bathroom over here) & buy the sudocrem I forgot to take with me. Then I realised the reason I’d not worn these jeans for a while was the zip doesn’t work at all! Would be just my luck to get arrested on entry to USA for their equivalent of Indecent Exposure! So, a quick pick up of some new trousers & a rapid change.

Ring car parking people & then head to Heathrow- drop off car & then time to check in. All sorted & seats on relatively empty upper deck – top result. Thanks Simon for your help!

Time for another chat to the Horsley belle & then meeting up with Paul & his partner Daphne. Checked him in & then its lunch time. A pleasant lunch in a surprisingly quiet Heathrow & then its time to face security. Amazingly its empty & I would have been through in less than 3 minutes IF I had not forgotten to take the aerosol can out of my bag! There are so many pockets that I didn’t realise it was left there. Quickly rectified though!

Duty free shopping next – ok drooling over the IT porn in Dixons whilst telling myself I do not need a new camera, an ipad, an ipod or a new laptop or helmet cam.

Only time for a quick chat with a very special lady before heading to the gate for the plane.

On board the plane we were invited into the exit row seats – the same ones they sell at check in for £30 or £50 each. Legroom? About 5′ :d

So after being fed & watered & watching a film (with the complimentary skinny cow choc ice [1st class get tubs of Hagen Das], its time to type this blog @ 12186 metres high (39987 ft) whilst travelling @ km/h (549mph) over Canada.

Got to say a big thank you to Debi & Jay for their ever attentive services (food & drink you perverts, what did you think I meant)

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Can someone text/ bbm me the football news this weekend – especially the FA Vase result.