PUT Day 1 2012

Well, an interesting an uplifting day’s cycling is over.

The statistics are as follows:

52.08 mi


Avg Pace:
5:15 min/mi

Avg Speed:
11.4 mph

Elevation Gain:
1,729 ft

2,157 C

Avg Temperature:
66.2 °F

Min Temperature:
57.2 °F

Max Temperature:
80.6 °F

We were up and out of our rooms this morning by 06:00. Last night I was rooming with Paul, my colleague from Essex Police. That’s Essex England, not Essex NJ! Breakfast was a chance to speak to the rest of the so called Team Ohio, although this year, the sub set know as Team HRH is as big as Team Ohio. There is myself, Paul, Lisa from Canada and Maggie, a 70 year old lady originally from the Isle of Man who now lives in Ohio. Maggie it turns out knows my mother’s cousin on the Isle of Man. Maggie and Paul were PUT virgins and its probably fair to say were apprehensive. This wasn’t helped by people telling them about the steep hills they would encounter and the saddle sores they’d suffer. I’m unable to comment as to who was responsible for this owing to the rights given to me under the 5th Amendment to the Constitution of the USA. (look it up!).

I think at this point it needs putting on record, that despite Paul claiming I snore, the only person I heard snoring last night was Paul. Yes Paul, that was you snoring, it wasn’t me as I was awake and listening to you. I’m sure Daphne –his partner- could confirm he snores.

The weather was miserable and wet whilst we waited to set off. Not the conditions we had hoped for. Now, the Americans are always so incredibly hospitable to me on these Tours, BUT I think they have taken it too far this year by importing British weather as well!

However it was not cold. As you can see from the stats, the temperature never went below 57F. We started the day wearing waterproof jackets etc., but of course it stopped raining and I was left sweating in my jacket till the first stop. The jacket is not colloquially known as a boil in the bag for nothing.

The ride today was a completely new route and avoided us going into Newark. We rode through lots of lovely townships and made a first stop @ the headquarters of the Verizon phone company. This was after only 16 very slow miles.

The 2nd spell of riding was in near perfect conditions, warm but not hot, dry and no wind. We did 20 more miles and had a lengthy lunch stop, a ceremony and various speeches including from the CEO of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, Craig Floyd. Then it was time to ride the last 16 or so miles to our hotels in Edison. By now it was very humid and not as pleasant to ride in, but it was dry.

After showering and changing, it was time to hit the bar for a medicinal beer and then it was food time, lots of pasta and chicken – good for carb loading for the day ahead. Then a beer to wash the food down!

Tonight, I am rooming with the snoring machine known as Michael T Rae. He was the man who introduced me to the PUT and was my room mate last year. He is a well connected guy and is a pleasure to be around. It was a no brainer when he asked me to share a room with him again this year.

motor bikes

just some of the Police Motorcycle Escort bikes

Start of day 1

Paul, Jeremy, Maggie, Lisa, Mike and Me – read to set off



School Band


Children of just 2 of many schools that came out to cheer us on.




Tomorrow is a much longer day and breakfast is at 0500! Yes, a 5 am start!



Finally a personal message to Michelle, you know why the PUT is such a special memory to me. Perhaps one day you can accompany me to Washington DC

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