Under Starters Orders

Well, it’s the eve of the Police Unity Tour  (PUT)2012 and the it’s nearly time to set the peloton off.

After yesterday’s blog post, we had fun at Newark Airport as there was no one there to meet us. A taxi was going to cost $135 to the hotel before Paul managed to sweet talk the girl on the travel desk to offer us a lift to the hotel when she finished work. However, that proved unnecessary as we managed to phone the PUT offices and arranged for transport in the form of Stu from Essex county sheriff’s department in New Jersey. The problem was caused by my sending the email with flight details to the wrong address – d’oh.

Still better late than never to the hotel, and still in time for a couple of beers with Paul (my colleague from Essex Police in England &Lisa from Canada – part of Team HRH ( Her Royal Highness) – the three of us representing the Commonwealth in this year’s event.

Tuesday breakfast brought more meetings with old friends from across the USA, including Colorado, more from Ohio, California and elsewhere. It’s always good to speak to old friends and compared to me many are old! Sorry guys and girls!

Then it was time to reassemble our bikes. Fortunately they all went together apparently well. We beat the rush to this and so had plenty of space in the bike store to work. There are some very nice bike here, mine excluded

After this, Paul and I went for a walk along the main street in East Hanover looking at various retail establishments – especially the bike shops! Unlike in the UK, there are no pavements (sidewalks) and so, it was rather risky walking down the street. Something apparently not done in the USA. Crossing the road meant a walk of up to 1/2 mile to find a break in the concrete central reservation! Still, it passed a few hours and enabled us to get out of the hotel.

Returning to the hotel at lunchtime, we registered for the ride and got our pack with details of the hotels  we are to stay in, our luggage tags ( they take our luggage to the hotels for us each day). I knew in advance that I was rooming with Mike Rae of the US Postal Service like last year. We also got our Road ID bracelets with details of our emergency contact details etc. – Michelle, I hope you do not get a phone call!

After lunch we spent the rest of the day at the meet and greet session, meeting other riders, new and not so new. Selling/ swapping merchandise and having a buffet full of carbs to prepare us for tomorrow. Also, it was a chance for a beer or two, or was it three?

Oh, I forgot to mention we had a visit from the Morristown Pipes Band – aka men in skirts!

One of the PUT virgins was a lady originally from the Isle of Man, she is the same age as my mother and apparently knows my mother’s cousin! Small world!

There is not much more to say before I turn in for the night.

Men in Skirts

Peter Paul & Mary

Peter Paul and Mary – think we’d be good folk singers? (Mary is from the Californian Highway Patrol)

Team HRH

Team HRH – your Diamond Jubilee Team ma’am

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