We’ve been Invaded: London May 23rd 2012

Today, I make the shocking discovery that London had been invaded. The number of invading forces far exceeded my imagination. More about that later though.

Following my trip to the USA and subsequent illness, I’m back to full fighting fitness now and have cycled to work each day this week. That’s a total of 75 miles done so far. Today I did over 26 miles. My longest commute this week. Now, I know its not much compared to the distances I was cycling before going to the USA, but its a positive that I am cycling each day! I am hoping to do at least 100 miles each week as a minimum. Obviously on an average week, this should not be a problem. When I am out of the office, it will be more difficult or I will have to do some long commutes to make up the average.

Well, sadly I am back into the swing of things at work. We are out on site at present on an Inspection. Fortunately this is only 15 minutes walk from our office, so it is not too disruptive. For reasons of confidentiality, I am not able to say who or what we are inspecting at present other than to say its a  Nightmare on Elm Street. Readers of Private Eye will understand exactly the Serious Farce Our confidentiality imposes on us.

The last 3 days have brought some very pleasant weather, indeed today was the first day this year I have commuted in short sleeved shirt and shorts. It was a great day weather wise, hitting the low 80s in London this afternoon. Sadly its due to get colder over the next few days, but it will remain in the high 60s in London for the next few days.

It has been a shock to have traffic passing me as I cycle. It makes me realise how good the motorcycle outriders did in our Police Unity Tour ride in closing all the roads and keeping us safe. Thanks guys!

Talking of the USA, I thought I must share this picture I took of the door in a Target Store during the Police Unity Tour


I’m still trying to work out how to use that door! Any clues?

I got a text today from My son to say he had finished his final exam of his first year at University. He has done very well in his exams and is reaping the reward for his hard work. Well done Tom, we’re all proud of you. The only issue I have is that I still struggle to believe that I have a son of 19 years of age! I’m not old enough surely am I? Still at least Michelle has promised me that the only patter of tiny feet that will be heard in her house is from Charlie and Ruby, the Jack Russell dogs she has!

Right, lets talk about the invasion. Its an invasion of cyclists. Tioday, as I walked to the offices in Elm Street I was proceeding down Clerkenwell Road. There were packs of cyclists at every junction. In the space of walking 100 yards, I say in excess of 100 cyclists, all of whom were cycling to workach day.

I have never seen so many cyclists on the oad together. A very wide cross section of the public are all cycling to work each day. Some for health reasons. some for leisure and some to save money on the commute.

It was a good sight to see. Lets hope it continues throughout the summer.