Olympic Chaos–Day 1


Well today marked the start of the London 2012 Corrupt Olympic Games. This afternoon saw the Great British Ladies team beat New Zealand 1-0 before a near full house of 38,000 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Yes, you read correctly that it was a near capacity crowd of 38,000 in a stadium that holds nearer to 80,000 normally. Its only in the world of Olympic double speak that a 38,000 crowd in an 80,000 seater stadium could be called a near capacity crowd. Strange that on the night despite claims of 38,000 tickets having been sold, the attendance was only 24,000. The authorities been lying? surely not?

As ticket sales were so poor for the Olympic football, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) decided to close of parts of the football stadiums and call the reduced space the capacity of the ground. I wonder if the Mackems and Middlesbrough will be using the same approach in future season to increase their claims of the % of their ground filled each week.

A later  game of the Olympic Women’s football proved just how incompetent the LOCOG and the IOC are. Before the game between NORTH Korea and Colombia started, video images were apparently being sown on the stadium screens. Except instead of showing the NORTH Korean flag when showing the pictures of their players, they showed the SOUTH Korean flag. Given the history of these 2 nations and the current animosity between the 2, a bigger insult could  not have been made. The BBC reports the story here. £9.4 BILLION pounds of taxpayers money and they still can’t tell 2 warring countries apart – its quite incredible. Wonder if they will blame this on G4S as well.

Well, on a more personal level, today saw the opening of the Fat /corrupt Bribe Payers Lanes on the road, aka The Games Lanes. They became effective at 06:00 this morning and immediately caused chaos. I cycled to work this morning as per usual, but within the first 5 miles I ended up having to ride on the pavement in some stretches to get round the chaos and traffic jams caused by the Zil lanes and the re timed traffic lights. This was before I even got to where the lanes actually started.

Once in Stratford, it was interesting to see the Zil lanes in operation. When I say in operation, I mean completely empty and being unused whilst traffic in the other lane( s ) remained gridlocked. A great waste of time and money as people are stuck in gridlock trying to get to work. The threat of £130 fines each time they go into the lane, enforced by CCTV and fines sent by post seems to be a deterrent.

What was interesting though was that although the bus lanes have been suspended where the zil lanes are in operation (and there are signs everywhere stating this), the motorists did not stray into the former bus lanes. This was good as it enabled me to make progress to work. Getting nearer to work, I was forced to turn off the Embankment, as right turns are banned, and head over Southwark Bridge to the south side of the river and follow the road there along to Waterloo Bridge where I crossed back to the proper side of the river and headed via Aldwych to my work. Arriving at work, I had a damn good scrub in the shower, and used bleach to try and get rid of the dirty feeling from being in that unclean horrid place known as south of the river. Its cruel ad unusual punishment forcing people south of the river.

Tonight, coming home, I decided to adopt a different approach to my travel. As in most places where the Zil Lanes are in places, the cycle lanes have been removed, I took the view that for my safety, rather than having near passes from motor vehicles and being forced ride in the gutter, my safety would be better served by riding in that expanse of tarmac with no motor vehicles using it – yes, the zil lanes. It was great to ride in empty lanes past all those poor motorists snarled up and unable to go anywhere owing.

So today, I have breached the Olympic rules by using the Olympic logo and words like London 2012 etc. in this blog and have ridden on the pavement, ignored red lights and ridden in zil lanes. I’ll be expecting a 0500 knock from the Olympic Nazis and taken off to the Olympic version of Guantanamo Bay. If I stop blogging, you know why!

On a personal note, its great to have Michelle, Josh, her parents and the dogs staying at mine. Its a highlight of my summer to have them here to stay. Not just because they have cleaned my house, cut the grass and tidied up the garden. Not only that, but I’ve had great food prepared and ready when I get home from work. I’m looking forward to Friday and the weekend to spend more time with them all.

One thought on “Olympic Chaos–Day 1

  1. Excellent post. I am already sick of the Olympic double speak. One of the worse culprits is the BBC. Yesterday saying that the Olympic football had sold more tickets than the Euro’s.
    Considering they are talking about God knows how many more games (of either sex) it is hardly surprising.

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