Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Bank Holiday Sunday, and there was no local football on, so I thought I had better give Michelle my undevoted undivided attention and proposed that we go out for the day to the seaside.

I know – the seaside on a bank holiday weekend – only an idiot would propose that! Did I say it was my idea? I meant to say I suggested we went out and Michelle chose the seaside Winking smile ( I’m in trouble when she reads this….)

Both Michelle and I have spent numerous weekends as children with families on this most beautiful stretch of coastline. I for one am glad the rest of the country don’t know how beautiful it is. Its our little secret.

We decided to head up to Amble on the Northumberland coast.We have been there many weekends this year. More often than not, there were few others there.  Amble’s best feature is one of the 2 fish and chip shops there. One has the slowest service in the world with the least helpful staff ever. Sadly that is the one in the best position and gets most of the trade.

Anyway, despite the warnings of impending traffic chaos we set off for Amble. We did manage to find congestion just north of Morpeth on the A1, but using the back roads we skirted the various accidents and traffic queues to get to Amble. This normally sleepy fishing port was rammed with day trippers and those staying at the nearby caravan parks. Now, I am not complaining but where were these people every other weekend we came to Amble?

Clearly the sunshine had brought them out for the last bank holiday before Christmas! Yes, Christmas is coming……

Still, we managed to get parked and took the dogs down onto the beach and let them have a paddle in the sea. A friendly spaniel came along to join in the fun carrying his lead and clearly having escaped from his owner. After seeing the owner a bit later, I don’t blame the dog for escaping.

20120826 Amble -003

After the sea, we went for fish and chips, but the queues were far too big, so lunch was sandwiches made from bread and ham from the co-op. Far healthier than fish and chips, but not nearly as much fun. This was the first time we’ve been to Amble and Michelle remembered t o bring some vinegar as she likes lots on her chips, and we never got to have any! There is a moral in this story.

Next, we drove in the glorious sunshine through Warkworth and past Alnmouth and on to Craster so Michelle could get some kippers – you know those horribly smelly fish type things! There is a council / local authority development in Craster that has some of the best views in the country. The pictures below are the views from those living room window of those properties.

20120826 Amble -025

20120826 Amble -026

Some people would pay large sums of money for such views. Just look at the silly property prices at say Sandbanks in Dorset as an example. Here these views come free with local authority homes.

For those who do not know the place, Craster is a lovely little fishing village that now seems to be 505 holiday lets. There are numerous coastal walks that people can go on from here. It really is a beautiful place.

20120826 Amble -02820120826 Amble -03320120826 Amble -04120120826 Amble -042

The castle in the picture ( s) above is Dunstanburgh Castle and is one of many wonderful castles on the North East Coast. These again are worth a visit. Even the children’s playground in Craster is in a picturesque setting.

20120826 Amble -060

As for the bus stop, this again is in a picturesque setting, but it is also the only bus stop I know where the bus reverses into the stop. In the ensuing picture you will not what looks like Mt & Mrs ET. If you can tell me why they have so many shopping trollies with them I would be grateful.

20120826 Amble -05720120826 Amble -058

Sadly after getting the kippers, it was time to return back to Michelle’s home, without even time for a stop at Shilbottle. Home and then along to Michelle’s parents for Sunday dinner and a few alcoholic drinks to round off a perfect day. Well it was rounded off after a few more drinks and sharing a bag of peanut M&Ms with 2 very tired but content dogs.

A day of simple pleasures, but a great day out for all five of us. ( Michelle, Josh, myself and the 2 dogs). It was a reminder that a good day doesn’t involve TV, spending lots of money or anything other than time together.

Oh and for those of you who say there is nothing to do in the countryside and its boring….

20120826 Amble -032