I Don’t Bl**dy Believe It

Arriving home from work tonight – now I never said I had done any work, just that I had been to my work. Anyway, after arriving home, I put the television on and looked at the Teletext news headlines. Amongst the stories regarding the weather, the financial situation in the country and the horrific civil war in Syria was one story that make me sound like Victor  Meldrew as I exclaimed aloud “I don’t bloody believe it.”

So what was the story?

It was the news that a male who claims he was the victim of public ridicule for over 20 years has written to the police to demand an apology. He blames the police for the ridicule he suffered. In this era of  ambulance chasing claims management firms and people going on about their human rights and seeking compensation, you may not think this is a news story at all.

However, the person making the demand for an apology from the police is the person who was an editor of a public newspaper for many years, and 23 years ago he was the editor of The Sun ( aka The Wapping Liar – for good reason) and authorised the publication of a story only 4 days after the tragic and awful deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans at the FA Cup Semi Final at Hillsborough. The front page of the newspaper at this time of mourning across the country had the completely false and offensive story as below


It was obvious to anyone who saw any of the footage of the disaster broadcast live on TV or in the news programmes over the following days that the Liverpool fans who survived this crushing were doing their best to provide help to the injured and dying.

You did not have to be Einstein to observe that there was simply not a shred of evidence to support these horrid lies published by the horrid obnoxious creep known as Kelvin Mackenzie. For 23 years he has either justified the story or refused to apologise for the lies published and the offence caused. Now, its not unknown for McKenzie to do an about face. In 2003, he presented a documentary, Kelvin Saves the Tories, in which he proposed a low-tax, anti-BBC and cautiously pro-capital punishment manifesto for the party. However, in February 2008, in a Sun newspaper article, Mackenzie claimed that he is now against the return of the death penalty.

So why did McKenzie publish these lies? Possibly because his hero Margaret Thatcher was anti football and pro police and these lies he published helped to spin the story against the victims and in favour of the guilty, the senior officers at South Yorkshire Police.

Anyway, it was McKenzie’s choice to run this story and to splash it across the front page with the offensive headline. Interestingly, the Daily Mirror ( biggest rival to the Wapping Liar chose not to run a similar story – why? perhaps because they knew it was false.

The information for the story came from the police and from a Tory MP. The story may have been false and may have been deliberately fed to the Wapping Liar by or on behalf of the guilty South Yorkshire Police. However, is it not the job of a journalist to find the truth i.e. to determine the facts rather than just publishing propaganda without establishing its veracity?

In any event McKenzie chose to run the story, despite as i have already said there being no evidence to support it. indeed the evidence in the form of TV footage showed the opposite. For 23 years Mackenzie has refused to apologise for either the lies he published or the offence such a story caused to the people of Liverpool and the wider football community.

After the publication of the Hillsborough Investigation Panel report earlier this month, the vile Mackenzie offered a so called apology where he blamed the police, a press agency and claimed that for 23 years he didn’t know the story was untrue. Its a shame he is blind then, and its also a shame he can’t apologise without trying to blame everyone else for his disgusting decision to run a totally false story.

Ironically, Liverpudlians have a reputation (deserved or not) for taking an approach of believing they are always the victim and never to blame for anything. ( As Manchester United fans have been known to sing about). Well this is exactly the approach the scum Mackenzie adopts to his own situation. It wasn’t his fault that he CHOSE to run THAT story and that he CHOSE not to apologise for his lies for 23 years and that he CHOSES to blame everyone but himself for his actions

Now, he has apparently instructed his lawyers to write to South Yorkshire Police demanding an apology from them for the 23 years of vilification he has suffered since he chose to run that false story. Remember he chose to run the story. It was not the police who made him run the clearly false story. It was not the police that prevented him from apologising for the story in the intervening 23 years. It was not the police who made him issue a grudging apology blaming everyone else for his evil story.

Mackenzie, you are scum.  You are one of the most despicable people in this country. You deserve every bit of vilification you have received and more. If anyone was in any doubt about this, your demanding an apology from the police for your actions prove it to everyone.

In case you are in doubt about this demand for an apology, then the story is reported in many media outlets including the BBC and the Guardian website. Mackenzie has achieved one thing through this action and that is to make himself even more  unpopular than anyone thought possible.

In the wake of this demand from Mackenzie for an apology for his evil actions, i am confidently expecting Peter Sutcliffe to demand an apology and compensation from West Yorkshire Police for taking so long to catch him, and for an apology from the family of the victims for having a relative at the location where Sutcliffe picked them up.

Perhaps an apology is due  to the deceased Doctor of death Dr Harold Shipman for allowing old people to be his patients. In the world of Kelvin Mackenzie, Shipman would be the victim and society and the elderly would be to blame for Shipman suffering imprisonment.

In case he is in any doubt, Mackenzie, in my opinion you are an odious, obnoxious sub human scum. I’m quiet happy to provide you with my contact details, and await your lawyers wasting their time and your money demanding an apology. You won’t get one from me and I’d be happy to justify my views in a civil court if you have the bottle to sue me.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Bl**dy Believe It

  1. The Sun is the worst example of British Garbage Press, and I don’t understand why you guys keep it alive :). And you are absolutely right about that the editor should have thought about public apologies long before it became relevant to himself!

  2. Pete,

    I hope the police nick this toe rag for wasting Police time.

    This is outrageous that he wants an apology, perhaps the police should issue one in 2035, would be apt for him to wait 23 years too

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