Sorry if the title offends, but it sums up my thoughts on those responsible for 2 arson attacks on the main stand @ Dunston UTS FC.

Dunston UTS are a Northern League club playing at the 9th tier of English football. Last season they won the FA Vase & for a club only formed 37 years ago, they have been a credit to their town.

You would think that the town would be proud of its football club & I am sure some locals are, but sadly not everyone.

The scum who attacked the ground over the weekend & again last night deserve nothing more than contempt (& severe punishment).

Dunston like most clubs at this level are run by a small band of volunteers & exist on a shoestring. Even winning the FA Vase probably only left the club breaking even.

So why do some people destroy that which others have worked hard to create? It seems that people entering the ground to sit in the stand & drink is not unusual.

It is likely that it was these drinkers who caused the 2 fires. Drink if it was involved is no excuse. Especially when they came back a second time to start the fire.

I hope those responsible are proud of themselves. The football club has achieved more than these individuals ever will.

Dunston, every decent football fan is behind you