Christmas Past, Present & Future

Well, that it over for another year. Christmas sneaked up on us (so to speak) happened and has slipped off into the distant past.

I’ve another Christmas under my belt, so should be wiser, but like Peter Pan never grows up, then I never seem to grow any wiser

1. Posting on here in the early hours of Christmas morning that I am going to drive down to see my family at lunchtime on Christmas Day is a good way to let my family ( some of whom read this) of the surprise visit I had meticulously planned with my sister & gone to great lengths to keep quiet .

2. Michelle & I bought a camera for Josh for Christmas. I was put in charge of buying a memory card for said camera. Aldi were doing some great prices on 16Gb memory cards, so I bought one for Josh’s camera. Come Christmas morning, there is Josh trying to put the memory card in. “Where does the card go?” “In the slot next to the battery” “But the card is twice the size of the slot” WHOOPS – on checking the camera takes a micro SD Card and muggins here had bought a full size SD card. Think this goes down as a FAIL – I ended up giving Josh the micro SD card out of my phone until I could get a new card for his camera.

Anyway, after that, most things went well.  got to see my family at my sisters although the element of surprise had gone from the visit.

I got loads of lovely presents from everyone, and want to say a special thank you to everyone. I have a book I can’t put down & lots of other great presents to entertain me  – Thanks Michelle -and a present I have to wait until September to use – a ticket for the Ashes Test at Durham – Thanks Tom . Thanks to everyone else for the presents – some great choices there to keep me cooking, drinking etc.

Perhaps the biggest thanks of the day go to Michelle who was up at stupid o’clock to prepare the Christmas Dinner. By the time I got up, the veg had all been prepared. Whilst I was out seeing my family and having a relaxing time, Michelle was doing battle with the Turkey ( Incidentally, I have to say the Turkey was soundly defeated).

Not only was she cooking, cleaning she was being the hostess with the mostess. She prepared a meal fit for a king for the seven of us to eat. She did a fantastic job, and to see how shattered she was made me feel guilty that I hadn’t helped her to cook anything. Thanks for a great Christmas Day Michelle.

Boxing Day brought a relatively early start to head down to meet Tom who was staying at my parents and to go to the Boxing Day game between Spennymoor and Shildon which was an 11am kick off. Such an early start meant no chance of a beer before the game. The game started in bright sunshine, dazzling sunshine in fact, but ended in cold wet drizzle. Happily a 2-0 win for Spennymoor kept up the pressure on Darlington at the top of the Northern League table. It was good to see a few friendly faces at the ground. I have to say non league football is one of the friendliest scenarios I have encountered. Even the opposition goalkeeper was chatting with the home fans during and after the game.

After the game, a quick trip to the supermarket to recycle yesterday’s empty bottles and buy a new SD card – this time making sure it was a micro SD card and drop Tom off at my parents before heading back to Michelle.

This evening was to be a family meal in Chester Le Street Area again meeting Tom & my parents and brother, along with Michelle & Josh. My sister and her partner  Maurice were due to attend, but sent a text saying they were watching a drama – though not us at the meal table which is always a drama – and couldn’t come. To be fair they were visiting Maurice’s family so were not sure they could attend anyway. I have no idea what the drama was – Coronation St?.

Anyway, at the end of the night it was time to wish My parents brother & Tom a Happy New Year as we won’t see them till next year now. Scarily its nearly 2013 already – how time flies!


You will notice there was o mention of crowds and sales shopping – I’m not stupid enough to queue up for hours to buy an item with £1 off its original price. My life if too valuable to waste queuing up to buy things i don’t need at imaginary savings – although I do hear a whisper that DFS may be going to have a  sale on some time soon.