An Ugly Tour: A Correction or Two

Following on from the last post, I have been asked to clarify certain pieces of information

Friday Night – apparently my reference to behaviour should have been clarified and the phrase I was looking for was

As the alcohol flowed, so my behaviour became……. [I have just been reminded that what happens on tour stays on tour]…

Saturday Night – again, it appears that some people may have misunderstood the phrase

The decision however was made for us after what we did ever so not discretely in the car park opposite the pub.

I understand some people may have misinterpreted the above remark to think that the actions in the pub car park involved more than one person and as a result some people may think that what happened there involved more than just me.

I did say you had crude minds and it wasn’t what you think. The fact that as a weak bladdered male, I had to use the outdoor facilities should come as no shock to anyone.

Finally, I am told that my blog post did not do justice to the people of Romford. They were far uglier than I have stated and the males additionally had the worst dress sense this side of S*nderland. In fact, if I did not know better , given how ugly and or scruffy the people were, I could have been forgiven for thinking we were out in Pennywell.

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