The Pilgrimage Begins

Another Police unity Tour is underway and we have completed day 1. The ride today was from East Hanover to Edison both of which are in New Jersey.

The basic data of the ride are as follows:

Distance: 51.48 mi

Time: 4:26:49

Avg Speed: 11.6 mph

Elevation Gain: 1,696 ft

Calories: 1,754 C

Avg Temperature: 64.1 °F

Those basic details do not say much of what the ride is about though. This morning, an hour before the ride started, the heavens opened. Heavy rain and thunder and lightning put a dampner on the ride – literally.

By the time we lined up to start the ride, the rain had eased off until. Most rider had their helmets covered with shower caps distributed freely by the Ramada Hotel where we departed from. The words of the Pardre & the organisers at the blessing were very apt. Not the reference to liquid sunshine but the fact that we were the lucky ones to be setting off on this ride as those we were riding for do not have that luxury.

We set off in the rain, but it had eased off a bit. After 10 miles or so the rain had ceased and from then until after lunch we avoided more rain. The temperature was so much warmer than back in England, so it was not too bad.

After a morning break, we headed on to the lunch stop after 36 miles. Whilst here I was approached by Craig Floyd the CEO of the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial. He rides the first morning each year. He welcomed me back and commented on how I am Englishman was riding in memory of a Welshman in the USA! For those of you who sponsored me, this sponsorship has helped bring this about, so I thank you.

We rode on after lunch through more rain into Edison. Here we had a fantastic banquet meal provided by Albert, one of the sponsors of the Police Unity Tour. He runs a hotel and banqueting suite. The food was unlimited including the largest most succulent steaks I’ve seen for many years. The beer was also flowing freely.  Now it would have been rude to refuse such hospitality, so we had a few beers and vodkas. After returning to our hotel, I had a last beer with Jeremy, one of my fellow riders.

The data for today’s ride is online at and includes, maps pf the ride together with elevation data.

I found the ridee today a lot easier than last year. The hills did not cripple me like  have helped. My room mate Mike has lost 30ldid last year. The loss of 42lbs  or so since last year clearly has helped. My room mate mike has lost 30lbs. We should be team Ohio International – reduced!

Finally, I would like to mention one or two of our group this year. Barb met us at the memorial after last years ride as we had ridden in honour of her father who died in 1969 when she was 1. Barb said she would like to do the ride in 2013. It was a pipe dream, but today the dream came true and Barb rode strongly to complete the first day with ease. Well done Barb, you had a dream & made it come true.

Maggie rode last year and celebrated her 70th birthday on the ride. This year she is back again and on Saturday will celebrate her 71st birthday riding a 97 miles stage- truly remarkable at her age.



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