Police Unity Tour 2013: Day 2 Road to The Sun

Well day 2 is over and we are now over 1/2 way from East Hanover to DC. I’m pleased to confirm that the inner circle of riders for Team Ohio International made it safely to Wilmington today. There were a few spills along the way, but all are safe and well.

After the rain of yesterday, you may have thought it was cold, but looking in the mirror this morning I could see the start of a cyclist’s suntan. Well today was a very different day. It started off very hot and got hotter. At 09;30 it was already 80F and in the direct sunlight, temperatures of over 95F and above were recorded.

Distance: 93.36 mi

Time: 7:14:40

Avg Speed: 12.9 mph

Elevation Gain: 2,008 ft

Calories: 2,899 C

Avg Temperature: 83.0 °F

The data above gives the summary of the ride. For a lot of today, we were riding at a pace that far exceeded last year’s pace. We had a slightly longer ride today than last year as we went via the police headquarters in Chester to honour an officer who died in the last 12 months. A total ride of 93.36 miles was good fun, but the heat took its toll as did the increased pace. Many riders ended up in the Sag Wagons at some stage of the day.


Jeremy and I rode at the front end of the ride and were rarely out of the leading 20 riders. It was good to have a familiar face, and team member able to keep up the pace with me. Jeremy is doing his 3rd Police Unity Tour and has grown massively in that time in terms of his bike skills.

I found today a very enjoyable ride for several reasons. The challenge is always to complete the ride and I did that today without getting sagged. In fact I was no where near the rear of the ride at anytime. I can safely say that I enjoyed the hills today. The fact I am 42lbs lighter than I was on 7th January this year was a major factor in this. I found that I was as fast on everyone on the hills. Even the 2 miles over the huge Commodore Barry Bridge was done without me getting out of my saddle or even changing out of the big ring on my bike. I have to say that I was rather proud of myself for how I managed today. The only downside is that I managed to get myself rather sun burned on the arms and legs. I must remember sunscreen in future.

Several riders commented on how much weight I had lost since last year. That is a huge boost to one’s confidence, and gives me an incentive to lose more weight.

I must mention another Ohio rider, Barb who despite being hard of hearing is riding her first Police Unity Tour and had 2 falls today, but despite this, she got back on here immediately and finished today’s stage without being near the sag wagon.

After the ride tonight I managed to get to chat with Michelle via Skype. its fantastic to be able to speak by video conference to someone thousands of mile away. Michelle I want you to know how much I enjoy knowing you are following me and making time to chat with me. I next weekend. can’t wait to see her when I am home

After dinner, Jeremy and I had a couple of beers at the local TGI Fridays. Then it was time for me to come back to my hotel room and type this blog before lights out. We have to be out of the hotel with our luggage by 05:30 in the morning, so there is no time for late night shenanigans.

Sadly, the weather forecast for tomorrow is for lots of rain. So it will be a fun ride of 90+ miles. Sadly the forecast is for rain all day.


The ride data for today is at http://connect.garmin.com/activity/310751300

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