It’s Bigger Than I Expected. It’s Eye watering

Well the 3rd Annual UK Police Unity Tour is over. It ended with ano eye wateringly big one .

Today was a 9 miles ride for our bunch of around 125 into the National Memorial Arboretum for the COPS survivors weekend.

We were honoured by COPS to be awarded their volunteer of the year award. I feel humbled as all we do is have a (nice?) bike ride.

The Memorial Service is as always eye watering when you gear the survivors tales. I am not even going to try to put in words the accounts we heard.

COPS work to rebuild shattered lives and thanks to your donations we were able to hand over a cheque for £75,000 to COPS from  this year’s ride.

To think in 2013 20+ idiots on bikes set off on a ride and now we raised that much in one ride this year.

Thank you all.

There is still time to donate at

A Blow Job and a Threesome

Well the 2nd day of the 2015 UK Police Tour riding is over. Now its time for the awards ceremony, the refreshments and of course that threesome. The blow job has already happened.

Today was a 65 mile romp (?) from Milton Keynes to Tamworth, via the Hinckley Point Hotel. Basically we rode out of Milton Keynes onto the A5 and pretty much stayed on it nearly all the way to Tamworth, with a few diversions for extra hills.

The ride today was along rolling countryside. We climbed around 2700 or so feet. This was pretty much the same ride as last year, but the hills were so much harder this year. Why? You may well ask. Its not because the Highways Agency have increased the size of the hills. It was because its hard to ride hills when you are having a blow job.

Stop sniggering, I am referring to the 20 mph head wind we were riding into all day. What exactly were you imagining.

Lunch today was like last year with the COPS survivors at the Hinckley Point Hotel and a chance to meet the widow of the officer I was riding in memory of.

Then it was a 20 mile ride to Tamworth with a killer hill 2 miles from the hotel just to catch you off guard.

Its not too late to sponsor me or by texting “COPS 93 £10” TO 70070

Last night I had a room to myself, but tonight I am sharing with one of my fellow ride marshalls. The threesome? Well I am also sharing my room with someone very special, or rather something special. Yes I have my bike in my room.


Tomorrow is the 10 mile ride to the memorial service at the National Memorial Arboretum and then a trip back to London and then a drive to Newcastle.

Right time for some R and R as there is a pint with my name on at the bar.

Wet Wet Wet

There really can be one  only way to describe today

Today was the first day of the 3rd UK Police Unity Tour. The 2 previous rides have had opening days that were scorching hot days. Last year the ride started on what was the hottest day of the year.

This year was rather different. 93 riders set off from thr Police Memorial on the Mall in London and road via Bushey, Luton, Biggleswade and Ampthill to Milton Keynes where we stayed at the Holiday Inn.

We rode a total of 85 miles.


2 years ago 20 of us ventured out on the first UK Police Unity Tour. We now had to limit the event to 100 riders ( with drop outs we had 93 starters). Incidentally there was a ride in Scotland last week and 2 other rides setting off from Norfolk and Leicestershire. Thus a total of 162 riders will have ridden this year. We have already raised over £65,000 this year and over £120,000 in 3 years for COPS. Its still not too late for you to donate online via or by texting “COPS 93 £10 to 70070.

The ride this year took place in torrential rain. We were out in the rain for 10 hours today, including stops and a very moving wreath laying ceremony by a father and member of the PUT at the spot where his son was killed.

I do not have photographs from today as it was too wet. Its now 23:30 at night and my kit is still literally dripping wet. Tomorrow will be an unpleasant day having to put on wet kit and wet shoes. However it is nothing compared to the sacrifices made by officers who gave their life to their job.

I rode for several miles today with a lovely young lady who was doing the ride with her mother. She lost her sister a number of years ago in an horrific incident in Manchester . They saw us ride to the National Memorial last year and decided they wanted to do the ride. What made this so special was to see the father who laid the wreath where his son died, helping the mother to get up the hills. A great example of the COPS spirit. Survivors helping survivors.

Today was rounded off with a few beers and a curry with fellow riders, and sharing old war stories.

Hopefully a longer post tomorrow and a drier ride