Autoglass–The No Service Cowboys

Stop the Cowboy

You will recall my earlier 2 blog posts regarding the bunch of cowboys that go by the name of Autoglass.



As long ago as 18 April I put the first of 4 separate complaints in writing to them. I am still waiting for any formal response to those complaints. That is right, not a single complaint has even been acknowledged.

The Cowboys at Autoglass not only can’t order the correct glass for your car and need in excess of 5 visits to do the work. They also can’t follow their own complaints procedure. They post on their website as follows:

Our complaints promise

At Autoglass® we strive to deliver an outstanding service to all our customers. We always aim to do our best; however there are times when things go wrong.

If you have a complaint, we will take it seriously, work hard to resolve the problem and do our very best to make any necessary improvements to our policies, processes and procedures.

Please make us aware of your complaint using one of the ways listed below and an experienced customer service specialist will be happy to help you.


Call us on 0800 011 3896
Office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm, Saturday 8.30 – 12 noon


Send an email to Autoglass® Customer Service


Send your letter to our Customer Service Management Team at this address:

1 Priory Business Park

So they take complaints seriously? Well if a month after making the first complaint and having to have made so far 4 complaints, I am still waiting for a response from their so called customer service team. I specifically put in my complaints that I wanted to be contacted only in writing. This was for 2 reasons:

1. They have wasted so much of my time at work that I can’t repeatedly keep leaving my desk to take yet more calls from the cowboys

2. When I have spoken on the phone the cowboys have made false records including alleging I had threatened to report the cowboys at Autoglass to the police for Criminal Damage. The simplest and easiest way to avoid these problems is to communicate in writing. They have my email address and indeed their Legal Counsel was not slow to try to bully me to remove my first blog post about the cowboys at Autoglass. Strangely the customer service team appear unable to read or to follow my requests.

So far, I have received 2 telephone calls from them leaving a message asking me to call. The caller claimed to leave her direct dial phone number and told me to call her. Much against my better judgement I did call the number, only to find it was not a direct dial number and I had to go through the usual interminable recorded messages before final speaking to someone. When I asked to speak to Ms X I was told she was not available. I was then told the person answering Mr Y would help and after spending ages taking me through all my personal details etc etc he asked me to wait whilst he read the notes on my file. Then after being on the phone for in excess of 5 minutes he told me he could not help and I would have to deal with Ms X. Given I told him that initially, what was the point in wasting my time and keeping me from my work to tell me what I had already told him.

Well it is not a full month since the first complaint and I still am waiting to hear from Autoglass Customer Service Department. Their legal counsel did tell me in an email on 6th May that the Customer Service Team were to contact me

“…to discuss a financial resolution for you due to the inconvenience caused as a result of the service Autoglass® provided to you.”

Well I am still waiting for any contact from them. There are it seems to me only 2 possible conclusions to this non contact:

1. Autoglass couldn’t give a damn about customer service. They get paid by the insurance company and are not interested in customer service

2. Autoglass get so many complaints that they can’t possibly contact or even acknowledge complaints in a period of a month as they have so many complaints to deal with.


Well cowboys at Autoglass, which is it, do you not give a damn about customer service or do you get so many complaints you cant respond to them, despite what your own legal counsel promises.

Oh and whilst we are at it, on the 18 April you advised me on the telephone you would be refunding me the excess I had to pay on my insurance policy. That £75 has not been refunded yet.

However, I am not surprised at this as nothing Autoglass have said in my case has been truthful or carried out properly.

Lets see whether I get a response before 8 weeks are up from the first complaint, because on that date I will be able to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. I wonder what they will make of a company who refuses to acknowledge complaints. A company who ignore specific instructions and contact clients at work via telephone despite being told not to. A Company who fail to do that which their legal counsel says will happen. A company that promises to refund money but then fails to do so.

The company are in my opinion not trustworthy and are in my opinion to be avoided at all costs.

Stop the Cowboy

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