Changing Things

I posted a blog post on one of my other blogs recently This was the first blog I have written in a long time. Quite why I got out of the habit of blogging, I am not sure. Some might say that I have mellowed and therefore did not have much to rant about. That may well be true. It could also be that I just got lazy and laid on the sofa instead of sitting at my keyboard and writing. it probably was a reflection on a period of my life when I have drifted rather than taken control of things.

I have this year taken steps to take more control of my life by getting myself on a more healthy lifestyle. Whilst others have drunk too much and eaten too much whilst on lockdown, I have massively reduced my drinking and lost weight.

I have never been one to drink alone at home. I am a social drinker, even if some would say I am anti social after drinking. With no pubs to go to and no visitors allowed, I have drunk very little. I have throughout the covid-19 lockdown had a regular socially distanced drink/ chat with my neighbour each Saturday. We are both of a similar age, both live alone and are both solicitors, so have things in common. Throughout the lockdown, we have on a Saturday removed a panel in our garden fence and sat in our respective gardens having a drink and sharing our experiences. This has for me proved to be a very positive experience and is something I look forward to. I would hope we can keep this up after lockdown ends, albeit not on a Saturday afternoon as I will be at football.

So, now you know why my drinking has reduced, what about my weight. Well as at Christmas time I weighed about the same as an overweight elephant, it was time to lose some weight. I tried to cut down on what I was eating and by the time lockdown started, I had lost 2 stones ( 28 lbs or 12.7kg). I made a conscious decision to try to continue to lose weight during the lockdown. I have worked at home since 16th March, so I have had some structure to my day, unlike those who have been making Tik Tok videos. This structure has made it easier for me to keep a control on my food intake. I have now lost a total of over 5 1/2 stones ( 77 lbs or 37.9kg) since the start of the year.

There are those who say I have reduced my drinking and lost weight just to be contrary and different to most people. I couldn’t possibly comment

During the lockdown period I have significantly reduced time I have spent on various forms of social media, in particular Facebook and Message Boards, but have spent more time communicating with friends via WhatsApp groups. This in itself has been a positive change that looking back has helped improved my contentment and means I have not got into pointless arguments with people I don’t know about things that don’t matter – for example people are still arguing about whether Britain should leave the EU…the vote was over 4 years ago. So whats the point in arguing whether we should leave. I do recommend people take more time away from Facebook/ message board arguing.

I was sent a photograph by a friend recently. It was taken in August 1988. I was shocked to realise that I am thinner today than I was a 22 years of age.

Friend’s Birthday August 1989
2020 Weight Loss in Pictures


The question of what the new normal for me will look like remains to be answered. I am still working at home. I started lockdown not wanting to work at home, but I am now a fan of it and would happily work from home most days with only occasional visits to the office.

I find myself living a lifestyle at present that seems so much more relaxed and have reconnected with nature and my local community.

If I have to go back to working in the office I am going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes as my previous suits and shirts make me look like a young child wearing his father’s clothes.